Metropcs Freeform Internet Connection: Phone Set up

Metropcs Freeform Internet Connection work on most others Samsung phones, until verified.

Well this is how it is done the actual phone set up.

First, lets check that all is in Default Settings:

How Do I Reset My Generic CDMA SCH-R350 (Freeform) Phone?

How Do I Reset My Generic CDMA SCH-R350 (Freeform) Phone?

To reset the handset and return all setup options to their factory default follow the steps below:

From the standby screen, press the OK button for Menu

Select Settings (9)

Select Phone Settings (5)

Select Security (4)

Enter the Lock code, default lock code is usually the last 4 digits of your phone number

Select Reset Phone (4)

Select Yes (1) to confirm resetting to the factory default settings

Note: Resetting the handset will NOT delete any contacts, pictures or ringtones


On your phone, press MENU, then “9” (Settings), then “#”… use code “587846”. Select the bottom option, “DUN”. Check “ENABLE”.


After this come back to Settings->Phone Settings->PC Connection-> and choose No Connection. This assures that the phone is not use as a USB Mass Storage if you have a ‘microsd’ card, like I do.

Phone Settings Phone user lock code entrySystem Info ScreenSystem Info Screen 2Dun ModeDun mode 2Phone SettingsPC ConnectionPhone/USB Cable to Computer

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9 Responses to Metropcs Freeform Internet Connection: Phone Set up

  1. Connie Johnson says:

    I get to the system info screen and DUN is not an option so I can’t check “enabled”. Do you know if they have removed this feature from the newer phones?

    P.S. I already changed 1 to 0 under the Dun_enabled second secret menu.

    Thanks for your help!!!

    • docthy says:

      I don’t know if we are talking about the same phone here. if it is then check the instructions and / follow the video if lost. In electrical and computer terms 0 is equal to close or OFF, and 1 is equal to Open or ON. Then I would suggest you to get back to the Dun_enabled menu and change it to 1. then restart phone and then try to connect your phone to your computer. good luck.

  2. albert says:

    solo mandame el manual x fabor tanks

  3. Jamal says:

    I got a metro pcs service samsung r350 working as a cdma modem connected to a dell dimension 3000 series running windows xp home edition. Used IE for the source of internet. All i did was on the phone went into settings hit the # key entered code 587846 scrolled down to the DUN option, clicked in then enabled it. Exit the hiden menu, note: if you are using a micro chip make sure to go to settings then phone settings scroll down to pc connections and make sure to check no connections that way your phone while connected to your pc isnt activating mass storage bc then it wont work. Next, go to your pc and punch in dial up settings. I was successful in doing so using xp home edition. I went to set up new dial up connection and where it asks for what area code to dial punch in #777 next is your username which you punch in (your10digitphonenumber) then your password punch in, mymetropcs. Next use this for your proxy: and punch in 3128 for your port setting and your done. Success!

  4. Jamal says:

    One more thing, in IE go into tools and then internet options. From there click on the connections tab and click the LAN settings, make sure to un check automatically detect settings. That way your manual settings dont get overriden by windows. Much respect to the original poster of this thread for opening the doors to the steps needed to make the samsung r350 modem ready for pc internet connection. Cheers everyone hope yall find success and enjoy the moderate speeds of your cdma samsung r350 phone modem internet connection. Peace!

  5. Bro.. I have the same phone. I am interested in removing the block so I can send messages to all my contacts at once and not be limited to ten. Any ideas?

  6. Jesse says:

    Okay, so I have been all over the web looking for this info. This is the perfect guide…Except for one thing, You see, the code “587846” hasn’t worked at all. I have a Samsung Freeform III and i just can’t enter the menu. 😦 Help Please?

  7. depriest says:

    Sch-r350 codes

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